Writtle Cricket Club - Child Protection

Club Welfare Officer

Our Club Welfare Officer is:- Please contact her if you have any queries.

  Helen Hodson -  07809117132

or by email to cwo@writtlecc.co.uk.

NSPCC Childline: 07809117132

Guidelines on Changing Rooms and Showering Facilities

1. Adults should try to change at separate times to children during matches (e.g. when padding up).

2. Adults will not shower at the same time using the same facility as children.

3. Parents of children playing in the Club’s adult teams will be asked for their consent that their child(ren) can share the same changing rooms with adults in the Club and both parents and children will be informed of the Club’s policy on changing arrangements.

4. In the event that the Club organises a mixed gender team, arrangements will be made for separate male and female changing rooms.

5. Mobile phones with cameras must not be used in changing rooms.

Please note that if children are uncomfortable changing or showering with at the Club, no pressure should be placed on them to do so. Encourage them to do this at home.

ECB Missing Children Guidelines

If a child for whom the club has responsibility goes missing, the following guidelines have been devised to clarify actions that should be taken.

  • Coaches  will ensure the other children in club’s care are looked after appropriately while a search party is organised
  • The missing child’s parents will be notified of the incident.
  •  All available responsible adults will be drafted in to search in a methodical way beginning with the area in which the child has gone missing.
  • All those searching will report back to a nominated adult at a specific point, who should remain at this point and will record events and prepare a physical description of the child (including approx. height, build, hair and eye colour as well as clothing the child was wearing and where / when they were last seen) as this will be required by the police.
  • If the search is unsuccessful the police will be informed, along with a report no later than 20 minutes after the child’s disappearance is noted, even if the search is not complete.
  • Please remember most children are found within a few minutes of their disappearance. If at any stage the child is located all adults involved including the parents, searchers and police - if they are by then involved - should be informed.
  • All missing child incidents must be notified at the very earliest opportunity to the Club Welfare Officer, who must immediately notify the County Welfare Officer, and they must then notify the ECB CPT.

Guidelines on transport to and from matches and training

The Club expects that parents/carers are responsible for the safe delivery and collection of their children for matches and training.

Parents are provided with a list of fixtures at the beginning of the season which allows them the opportunity to make appropriate arrangements. It is not the responsibility of the Coach or Team Manager to transport, or arrange to transport the children to and from the Club or match. If you wish to “lift share” you must make these arrangements yourselves.

We ask that parents inform the coach at the beginning of a training session/match if they are not themselves collecting their child. The coaches need to know who is responsible for collection and be given appropriate telephone numbers. In the case of an unexplained late collection of a child the coach will attempt to contact the parent/carer by phone. Thereafter, he/ she attempt to make contact with the next of kin, as specified on the Club Registration Form. As a final resort the Coach will contact Social Services. If a parent continually fails to collect a child on time, the Club will request that the junior player be suspended.

For Juniors playing Senior Cricket matches, it is the responsibility of parents to deliver and collect their children. If a Junior parent agrees that the child can travel with a Senior Member(s), written consent will requested.

Photography & Video Policy

Taking of photographs and video images by spectators

  • Writtle Cricket Club will not permit photographs or video images to be taken by spectators at matches or at training without the consent of parents / legal guardians.
  • Where a parent / legal guardian is not present then it will be at the coach’s discretion whether to allow the taking photographs or video images by spectators at matches or at training.
  • Children will be informed if a person will be taking photographs, and that if they have concerns then they can report these to a coach or a team manager.
  • Concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography and inappropriate use of images should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer and be recorded in the same manner as any other child protection concern.

Taking of photographs and video images by the club
  • The Club will not take or use photographs or video images without the consent of the parent / legal guardian and the young player. Consent will be sought on the Junior Membership Form.
  • The Club will take steps to ensure that these images are used solely for the purpose they are intended: aids to coaching and the promotion and celebration of the Club’s cricketing activities. If anyone becomes aware that these images are being used inappropriately then they should inform the Club Welfare Officer immediately.
  • Where the Club wish to use an image as above then the Club will make every effort to show the image to the parents / legal guardians and the child in advance.
  • If images are submitted to the press or published on the Club website then individuals will not be identified. In circumstances where there is a need to identify an individual player in the press then the permission of a parent / legal guardian will be sought beforehand.
  • The Club will ensure that the images they use will show children in appropriate kit (training or competition).
  • The Club regularly uses video as a coaching aid, and will use appropriate care in the storing of such video clips.
  • Please note: the Club understands that there are circumstances under which a parent / legal guardian would not wish their child to be photographed. Whilst the Club will do all that it can to ensure the safety of children during games, it is the responsibility of the parent / legal guardian concerned to ensure that if necessary their child is not videoed or photographed. The Club is unable to supervise individual children during cricket activities or competitions.


Writtle Cricket Club will not accept or condone bullying and will address all forms of bullying.

 Everyone involved with Cricket, whatever their role, has a responsibility to work to stop bullying.

 Action to Help the Victim and Prevent Bullying in Cricket

An individual should:

• Take all signs of bullying very seriously

• Encourage all Young People to speak and share their concerns, help the victim to speak out and tell the person in charge or someone in authority. Create an open environment

• Investigate all allegations and take action to ensure the victim is safe. Speak with the victim and the bully(ies) separately

• Reassure the victim that you can be trusted and will help them, although do not promise that you will not tell what has been said

• Keep a record of what is said (what happened, by whom, when).

• Report any concerns to the Club Welfare Officer (wherever the bullying is occurring)


Action Towards the Bully(ies):

The Club Welfare Officer or person in charge should:

• Talk with the bully(ies), explain the situation, try to get the bully(ies) to understand the consequences of his/her/their behaviour. Seek an apology to the victim(s)

• Inform the bully(ies) Parents

• Insist on the return of borrowed items and that the bully(ies) compensate the victim

• Provide support for the Coach of the victim

• Impose sanctions as necessary

• Encourage and support the bully(ies) to change behaviour

• Hold meetings with the families to report on progress

• Inform all organisation members of action taken

• Keep a written record of action taken